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One of the main uses for end of life tyres is to process them into tyre bales. These bales are made of approximately 100 tyres which have been processed through a hydraulic press to form a block, which is around 1.2m x 1.2m x 0.8m, weighing around 800kgs. Once compressed these blocks are secured with four steel wires of at least 3.8mm in diameter, fixed using the looping method, which gives structural integrity to the bale, allowing it to be picked up, moved and stacked vertically by a fork lift truck, without the need for pallets. The end result of our work is a product which is 100% recycled. The tyre bales produced by A2Z Tyre Recycling have many applications within the construction industry in the UK. At presentA2Z Tyre Recycling produces standard ‘reference’ bales. If however, an end user requires specialist sized bales made to the specification for bales contained within the PAS 108 document, these can be produced upon request

We provide a full service from production through to delivery.

Make tyre bales

Complete but damaged and worn tyres are compressed and wire bound to the PAS108 specification.

Stock tyre bales

We can meet a need quickly with our stock of tyre bales and very large quantities (1000+) are made to order.

Deliver tyre bales

Our own fleet of trucks deliver nationally but we can also ship tyre bales worldwide.

Advantages of using Tyre bales for construction and civil engineering projects.

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The life of bales

We accept various sizes of waste tyres from both the private and commercial sector in compliance with the waste management regulations.

We are licensed to accept various sizes of waste tyre recycling and ensure the proper handling, recycling and appropriate disposal of the tyres. Tyre bales can be used for

Our Tyre Collection Services and Recycling services ensure that your waste tyres are recycled without causing any harm to environment. Tyres we gather from our Tyre.