About Us

a2z tyre recycling

Here at A 2 Z tyre recycling ltd we’re proud to be leaders in the waste tyre collection and disposal business and offer our services to customers in a range of different industries who generate waste tyres for one reason or another.

Our team are on hand to collect any amount of tyres and, as Licensed Waste Carriers, you can rest assured your tyres are disposed of in a safe and legal manner.

With our tyre collection service you’ll receive a waste transfer note and – should you need it – a method to prove your tyre waste has been recycled, repurposed or exported by professionals. We’re inspected and approved by the Environment Agency, too.
Our recycling operation is capable of handling thousands of tonnes of rubber waste each year and we are proud to play such an important role in dealing with such a huge environmental problem.

To arrange a collection, get in touch with our operatives. Either pick up the phone or fill in our quick contact form.