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A2Z Tyre Recycling is a tyre disposal service based in alongside some of the UK’s largest garages, providing cost effective recycling and removal solutions ensuring all tyres are recycled .using specialized machinery to process used tyres in an environmentally friendly manner. Simply tell us the number of tyres, and we will collect and complete all the necessary paperwork.

Tyre Collection

Scrap tyre collection.
We collect scrap/waste/end of life tyres, which includes, car, van, 4×4, truck, industrial, solid, forklift, tractor/agricultural and earthmover

Farms plastic Recycling

At A2Z Tyre Recycling we recycle your farm plastic waste at our purpose built site in Swansea.The plastic is shredded, washed and granulated into a form that the plastics industry can readily use to manufacture items.


Buy ‘off road’ tyres..
We bale around 100 tyres into a government standard (PAS 108) tyre bale. This bale can then be used in a number of proven construction applications


0% go to landfill.
A2Z Tyres Recycling is a licensed collector of tyres helping tyre retailers comply with UK and European legislation by collecting scrap tyres and ensuring their safe disposal.

It's hard to imagine a world without Tyres - for us anyway! The Tyre is the key to Safety and Comfort when it comes to transportation.. It's the link between the load and the road...

Areas we Cover

Here at A2 Z tyre Ltd Limited we are constantly looking at ways to reduce our costs without increasing our carbon footprint or impact greater on the environment and that’s why our services cover an area throughout the South East that allows us to utilize our vehicles in the most environmentally friendly way possible.We cover Swansea,Neath , portalbot, Carmarthen,Lanlle, Pyle, Bridgend,Cardiff,Barry ,Etc All wales north ,South,east and west .

Farms Recycling Service

Our service Fully qualified and professional Service and Efficient waste disposal of tyres at an economic cost. Responsible, efficient and economic waste tyre management, Environmentally responsible disposal routes for old, worn and scrap tyres. Wide experience dealing with national networks and Flexible collection service to meet the needs of the customer


A2Z tyre recycling is fully licensed to carry out disposal of ‘End of life’ tyres , Company No: 13514313
Waste carrier license: CBDU020636 licens

Wales Collection

With our experienced team of tyre collection experts & large fleet of tracked vans & heavy good vehicles, we are able to collect all shapes, sizes & amounts of waste tyres from all over Wales and South Wales There are no logistical restrictions for us, as we can collect anywhere nationwide from our fully permitted & licensed site based in Swansea.

A2Z Tyre Recycling has been ensuring ‘End of Life’ tyres get re–used or turned into valuable resources.